Monday, March 30, 2009

My 28 inch Hero...

Brief history...
This bicycle comes from the well known Hero Group and is the largest bicycle and related products manufacturing company of India. Company started making bicycles in 1956.
About this bicycle...
This is one of their earliest models which features a fully enclosed oil chain case which no longer features in their newer models.Upgrades on this bicycle..
1) I have changed the 2 rims to new ones.
2) Spokes are now Stainless Steel, new.
3) Rear hub changed to new ones and upgraded to sealed bearings. The hub is meant for trishaws, thus the spokes are much thicker than the originals. I purposely requested for this configuration because I wanted this bike to last as long as myself.
4) Brake pads are in good condition.
5) Block rubber pedals are NOS. It's a Raleigh KO version. Note the pointed ends on pedals, which are similar to Raleigh's.
6) All metal parts that are chrome, are in excellent condition except the lamp holder, which is slightly tarnished at the bottom.
7) All bearings are lubed and serviced by bicycle shop.
Raleigh styled 'Made-in-China' rubber block pedals.

Fork decals...

New rear hub with sealed bearings, rims and trishaw Stainless Steel spokes.

Hero Jet...

Nice head badge

Nice rear mud guard badge...

NOS bugle horn...

My 28 inch Hero on her maiden ride since restoration....
Currently, my Hero is being put on auction in If you have any enquires, feel free to drop me a line. Do check out my 'Vintage Accessories' link too. Some of the items are on sale.
I tried my best to provide the most accurate description. If you do need to see pics of certain parts, do leave down your email so I can send you pics for clarifications. Thank you.

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  1. Are you interested in buying any Hero jets? If you are please email me. Thank you