Thursday, October 26, 2017

Haro Master Freestyler (Repo? you tell me! )

This is the Haro Master Freestyler, which I bought while I was shopping for vintage parts in one old bike shop. As I was waiting for the owner to retrieve the parts which I have ordered, the FRAME caught my eye. It was stored among other bikes in the back of the shop.
 I have always hankered over the thought of owning one after selling off the rest of my BMX collection. I was scanning through the web on what other iconic BMX worth collecting and Haro Master stood out among the rest. It's the design of the frame. I love the way all the parts thrown in to make the bike so iconic. A legend on it's own merit.

 Someone told me that this is a replica. Well, I'm not too sure. But even if it's a replica, I guessed the level of copying is high as you can see from the pictures. Given it's age, the bike is still go to good.

 With some elbow grease, the shine will emerge, albeit not at good as original. Some surface rust did present.
 The original bike doesn't come with meg rims. I got these rims years ago. The rear rim is Made in Taiwan while the from rim is made in Russia,...yes. You read it correct.

 Added some NOS parts...

 Got this Odyssey Gyro on Carousel. NOS.
 Fusion crank is one day one.

 After keeping for close to 2 years, I decided to let it go as I have run out of storage space (again...)
Put it up for sale and now it's in the hands of a proud owner. It was love at first sight for the buyer. Well, as for me, time to start hunting for the next 'BIG PROJECT'. ../

Monday, October 2, 2017

Daccordi, the true blue Italian Stallion

2 days ago, I was in for some luck. Someone actually threw away a bike at my dumpster. I took a glance at it and it's a road bike. But the 'Mrs' caught me glancing and snorted.."Don't you take it! So many bikes, no more space!" I left the place dejected...than I told myself, "If the bike is still around around after my dinner, than it's fated to be MINE! lol...
True enough, after 3 hours, the bike is still around. Guess, nowadays, people no longer are interested in vintage steel bikes....

It wasn't like this when I found it. The front wheel was taken off, maybe for storage reasons. I tried to put it through the fork but it got stuck. Checked the brakes and found the cable kind of rusty. No worries. Abit of lubricate did the trick. Next, both the tires are flat. And feels hard. Tried my luck with a hand still inflates! The rest, like the saying goes, is history....more elbow grease and lubricant to bring the bike back to life.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vintage GT Karakoram restoration project..2017

Finally, found my 1" fork to replace the original missing fork from the previous owner. To me, it's really a bad idea to throw out the original fork and replace it with something new as it's REALLY, REALLY hard to find replacement. I guess the previous owner wasn't really keen in vintage...well, that makes restoration works interesting,right? I've been there and done that in my quest for bicycle parts in my days of restorative works. Although these days, I've slowed down a bit due to work and family commitments, the passion for me to restore an old bike to it's former glory or just owning one is still very strong.
 There is something about the well worn, weather beaten look on this bike. The discolouration due to being stored in a place where there's ample sunlight causes the fading of colour only on one side. I guess the previous owner love to park his bike at a particular location?
 I suspect the sticker got worn out due to mounting and dismounting from the bike?

 This SAKAE SX crank was taken from my previous brandless MTB which I built back in 1994. I couldn't afford the expensive ones, especially the ones I saw at Cheap John. I always had my eyes on a Nishiki Alien Al. Those elevated, mystifying. A class on it's own. I wonder when I'll able to own one, though. I did managed to get hold of an Alpinestar Cromega from my previous hunt. Nice ride but it's a tad too short for me.
 Most fact all the parts are from my previous MTB. Shimano 200GS rear derailleur.

 Bought this center pull Diacompe brake from a on-line seller. NOS. Pulls great. Yet to test the stopping power. Still trying to find the brake cable rail though. Maybe 3D print it myself?

 I have actually seen a different version stem, one that has a cable guide (or tube) that runs from the front instead of the top. Any comments on this?
 Still contemplating whether to change the Gripshift to thumbshifters,,,,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Finally, I get to own a legend of its time. A GT Karakoram. Back in the 90s, this bike with the unique tripple triangle took the MTB world by storm with this radical and yet sturdy,solid design. The design lasted till today. Although the new GTs are aluminium or alloy frames, the good old steel is still my favourite.
I bought the frame together with the stem online for SGD$200. The frame has been sun baked, thus the colour faded unevenly. I'm still trying to find the right rigid fork to complete the bike. Hopefully, fate will let me ride this legend again....

The previous owner changed the headset to a threadless one. I'm still trying to find a rigid fork, hopefully something similar and replace the headset to one meant for threaded fork.
Love the stickers that screams 'Tange"...

Managed to find a pair of NOS Diacompe centre pull brakes. FS990. Going to find another pair, which I believe to be AD990 originally used by this model.