Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old School BMX, no brand

Bought this old school BMX for SGD$250 from a LBS. NOS. Some BMX 'purist' might say that I'm crazy to spend that amount of money on a Taiwan made BMX, even though it's a classic. But wth, this is the bike that I once rode when I was a kid. Not a Kuwahara, Apollo, Skyway...these bikes was way out of my family's financial means. I'm buying a memory, nostalgic feeling right here.

The think I like about this bike is the frame. I've seen countless 'chiong' type of BMX frames ( for the uninitiated, the word 'chiong' is in Hokkien, meaning imitation. ) But this design is unique, atleast in my opinion.

I find the weld not bad as compared to some really bad weldings I've seen before. I'm glad to be able to get this bike NOS, including the blue coloured chain.

From the design of the gusset, it's looks like a MT, but from further research, it doesn't look like it because of the rear drop out design. So, what name/brand is this bike? I'm all clueless.

The parts are excellent. 'MX' type calipers. There is even the '1000A' embossed wording at the back of the caliper! 1000A? humm...Check out the tyres too. Old school....

Sumo alloy rims. Neat.

Took her out for some sun and fun. Managed to do some Bunny Hops and Endos. Lucky the tyres are still holding well.

MX imitation race type 2 fingers brake levels. Cool. Hard to get these nowadays.

This crank is one of the parts I love most and also the deciding factor for my purchase of this bike. It's a Tracer brand. Everything is stamped 'Tracer', right up to the nuts. Stay tune for more pics on this ride.....This one's for keeping. That's for sure. BTW, this bike is damn light. Yes. I can lift it up with one arm and load it onto my bike rack.


  1. Nice find. Really some interesting bits on this bike!!

  2. Thanks JS. Yes, I've sold some genuine old school BMX before, like the Apollo and Laserlites, but I guess this ROC made BMX is for keeps. Maybe bcos of nostalgic value as I used to own one BITDs when I was a kiddo. Genuine ones are way above my family means.

  3. I know this bike! Used to own one when I was a 10-12yo kid living in Telok Blangah. Man, those were the days. I can still remember using a 20 or 50 cent coin to unscrew the pedal crank cap. but I have to say the 2 finger brake grip was quite a nightmare to grip and the cause of several bike stunts gone wrong :) Seeing this bike really brings back so many fond memories of my childhood :)

  4. Hi Bangla Rocker,
    Sure bring back memories, right? Same here. Too bad I dun intend to ride it as I want to keep the original tyres in prestine condition. Can't find such tyres anymore....cheers and hope you luv going through my collection.

  5. Thats a nice chopper bro! And old school bmx rocks!!!!!

    1. Thanks. Hope you find my blog an interesting read.

  6. Hi friend.Does it have the serial number an the drop outs?Does it start with a T?