Friday, July 2, 2010

NOS Kuwahara Apollo Red...more pics

Ukai rims...

Serial number at the BB..

Added a new, NOS red BMX seat.

Tange fork....

Simply loves the shape and curve of this seat....
Just an update, the bike's now in the hands of a true vintage BMX collector up North. Going to miss Apollo. But at same time, I have another lead for a BLUE Apollo. NOS. This vintage BMX thing have gotten me all fired up recently. Went to several LBS and did some research. Enquire abit and I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I might be able to get hold of a NOS Haro Master Freestyle! :P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

NOS Kuwahara Apollo, Red, FOUND!!

Found this NOS Kuwahara Apollo in an old bicycle shop in a corner of Singapore. The uncle says nowadays nobody appreciate 'these' vintage anymore. But that doesn't mean he's willing to let me have it cheap! :P Still, I decided to grab it!

The decals still nice and intact.

As I couldn't find the original pedals, the boss decided to replace it with a MKS model.

The original brake caliper looks weak, so I decided to swap it with a NOS Dia Compe MX. Cost me SGD$90 per set. But well worth the price as it's compatible with the oiginal colour scheme.

The skin walled tyres are surprisingly in excellent condition, given that it's been stored in a tropical climate. Pump it up and it's ready to tear the gravel to pieces.

Nice headbadge. Riveted of course.

All ready for some real action down memory lane....