Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NOS Kuwahara Laserlite found!

Went JB again to hunt for vintage finds and guess what I found! NOS Kuwahara Laserlite!! Stillunpacked and has all the factory packaging and protective papers wrapped around the frame!
Grab the bike and paid the boss immediately, even though he charges me quite high for it. You don't get bikes like this in such prestine condition everyday,ok. Sped my way back to Singapore, smiling all the way....

Diacompe brakes and original brake pads...

The stamp of a genuine product..

Araya rims...

Sugino crank set. After 20 plus years in storage, the chrome is still excellent, given that the bike is kept in a danity shop house in a tropical climate.

The coverted Laserlite...

As-is condition. All wrapped up,waiting for a new home..

Latest update. The bike is no longer with me and has found a new home! Sold to an avid collector of Old Skool BMX. Bye~bye bike Kuwi...gonna miss you..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BMX revival...Old Skool

Kuwahara...the name that spells competition, winning and championship! This is a MUST HAVE for all growing up tweens in the 80s. I too was one of those Alphaville loving tweens who crave so much to get hold of one.

What is an old skool BMX without one of these? Sugino crank set is another MUST HAVE...

This magazine have been with me all this while. All seasoned due to countless reading and do you know the age of this mag? Make a guess.... "P

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joker on the loose!

Finally, brought my Joker out for a spin! Decided to change the handle bars back to the original version rather than the ape hanger ones because it attracted too much attention! Serious.

These are the "Creepy Crawler" tyres that I find them very attractive on this bike. They're knobby and really give you the grips when cycling on grassy land.

Added a side kick stand and changed the seat from it's original chopper seat to a Flying Pigeon. More comfortable for my big butt...keke..

Sunset and this is the parting short before I head home for dinner....