Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NOS Kuwahara Laserlite found!

Went JB again to hunt for vintage finds and guess what I found! NOS Kuwahara Laserlite!! Stillunpacked and has all the factory packaging and protective papers wrapped around the frame!
Grab the bike and paid the boss immediately, even though he charges me quite high for it. You don't get bikes like this in such prestine condition everyday,ok. Sped my way back to Singapore, smiling all the way....

Diacompe brakes and original brake pads...

The stamp of a genuine product..

Araya rims...

Sugino crank set. After 20 plus years in storage, the chrome is still excellent, given that the bike is kept in a danity shop house in a tropical climate.

The coverted Laserlite...

As-is condition. All wrapped up,waiting for a new home..

Latest update. The bike is no longer with me and has found a new home! Sold to an avid collector of Old Skool BMX. Bye~bye bike Kuwi...gonna miss you..


  1. hii im from jakarta indonesia,i want to ask u for the bmx oldschool
    maybe u can find the bm raleigh burner

  2. yes, my neighbour has a Burner. But not selling. Pity. The bike is left to the elements to rust. I guessed some people are like that. If you never ask, they'll just treat it as dirt. But once you enquire, suddenly, the bike becomes a collector's item. Will keep you updated if I ever get my hands on it. So, in the meantime, stay happy reading..

  3. Hello there..if u have anymore bike or part to sale?

    1. Hi Jules,
      Thanks for dropping by. Indeed I have. I'm in the mist of clearing all my BMX stuff. What kind of bike parts are you interested in and how am I able to send it to you?