Thursday, July 1, 2010

NOS Kuwahara Apollo, Red, FOUND!!

Found this NOS Kuwahara Apollo in an old bicycle shop in a corner of Singapore. The uncle says nowadays nobody appreciate 'these' vintage anymore. But that doesn't mean he's willing to let me have it cheap! :P Still, I decided to grab it!

The decals still nice and intact.

As I couldn't find the original pedals, the boss decided to replace it with a MKS model.

The original brake caliper looks weak, so I decided to swap it with a NOS Dia Compe MX. Cost me SGD$90 per set. But well worth the price as it's compatible with the oiginal colour scheme.

The skin walled tyres are surprisingly in excellent condition, given that it's been stored in a tropical climate. Pump it up and it's ready to tear the gravel to pieces.

Nice headbadge. Riveted of course.

All ready for some real action down memory lane....

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