Friday, June 25, 2010

Basta bicycle lock

Basta bicycle lock, originally uploaded by the_meadows21.

Finally, after months of searching, I managed to find the 'elusive' and very sort after keyless lock. It's brand is Basta and made in Germany. This lock is NOS but because of storage, the owner has lost the combination! OMG! Now I need a locksmith to 'unlock' it, if there's any who's specializes in keyless locks....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New custom tank for Cruiser...Part 2 (final)

This is the final part of my custom tank . Well, finally managed to find time to complete this project. It's my first attempt but definitely not my last. I'm contemplating using thin sheet metal or brass sheets to make the tank...again if time permits.

Went to the Salvation Army and found some old British Army issued bags. Think it will look good and practical on my daily ride.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage NOS kids bicycle

Today I was feeling kind of bored, so decided to pay my LBS a visit, hoping to find some nice stuff. Well, I wasn't disappointed by this visit at all.
Placed right on top of the shelve is a cob-webbed covered kids bicycle. What caught my attention are those handle bars. Yes, those nice curves. Killer curves.
According to the boss, this bicycle was made in Japan. I didn't know the weight of this bike untill I tried to bring it down from the shelve. Bloody HELL! This little bicycle is HEAVY!

Taking a closer look at the construction, I noticed that the rims are made up of metal discs. Yes. Metal, not plastic. The rear mud guard is also metal. I guess most of the weight also comes from the two training wheels bracket. They're thick!

Did i forgot to mention that the tyres are SOLID rubber? Ya...solid rubber.

The Lady bug is actually a buzzer cum light. Well, the buzzer is loud but the light is pathetic.

Luv the sissy bar and rear carrier rack. The rear reflector looks cool too. Very vintage feel.

I guessed 'Carron Cycle' is the name of the bike..

Nice chain guard design.