Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage NOS kids bicycle

Today I was feeling kind of bored, so decided to pay my LBS a visit, hoping to find some nice stuff. Well, I wasn't disappointed by this visit at all.
Placed right on top of the shelve is a cob-webbed covered kids bicycle. What caught my attention are those handle bars. Yes, those nice curves. Killer curves.
According to the boss, this bicycle was made in Japan. I didn't know the weight of this bike untill I tried to bring it down from the shelve. Bloody HELL! This little bicycle is HEAVY!

Taking a closer look at the construction, I noticed that the rims are made up of metal discs. Yes. Metal, not plastic. The rear mud guard is also metal. I guess most of the weight also comes from the two training wheels bracket. They're thick!

Did i forgot to mention that the tyres are SOLID rubber? Ya...solid rubber.

The Lady bug is actually a buzzer cum light. Well, the buzzer is loud but the light is pathetic.

Luv the sissy bar and rear carrier rack. The rear reflector looks cool too. Very vintage feel.

I guessed 'Carron Cycle' is the name of the bike..

Nice chain guard design.


  1. Very cool indeed!

  2. Thanks JS..ya. My son luvs it. Best thing is, it's a fixie. He can back pedal and stop the moment he stops pedaling.