Monday, September 3, 2012

Classic foot pedal children car

I know I should focus on 2 wheelers as that's what my blog's all about. However, I just have to post something on this foot powered car, which once belongs to my son.
'Once', yes, it used to belongs to him but I have since sold it to a collector. WTH was I thinking, right? Sold your son's beloved car? Well, it wasn't what you might be thinking. See, my son has out grown it and most of the time, the car just stays parked in one corner of the house collecting dust.
I would REALLY loved to keep it for momento sake but there are just some many things,so little space. Some things just have to go. Atleast for this case, it'll be in the safe hands of a collector.

Back to the story. I bought this car way back several years ago, even before my son could learn how to crawl. As usual, I was trawling around dipilated bicycle shops, looking for good deals and this car just 'pops' up rght infront of me. I suddenly remembered, when I was a kid, my neighbour used to cruise around in one of these. All I could do back then was to admire how fortunate my neighbour was. It was cheap, I guessed.

And now, some 30 years later, right infront of me is THE CAR. I just got to get my hands on it. Paid the boss and left the shop a happy man....

Monday, April 23, 2012

Modifiying the stem of my Alpinestar T26...Part 2

After trying out the T26 for some time, using it on different terrains, I find the riding position to be some what 'aggessive'. When going downhill, when you shift your weight back wards, the entire riding position feels kind of weird. Arms stretched. And when I hit a jump, my posture changes again to a pretty 'low' position. If readers don't understand what I'm saying, it's alright. You have to ride it to feel what I'm feeling.
Anyway, I'm pondering whether to change the low-profile stem to something more of upright. Atleast riding long distance will be more bearable. And this set off my hunt for the right stem.
But after trying for some time, I'm stuck. As you have noticed from the picture posted, the shaft from the fork, it's OD is 22.2mm and the ID is 16.5mm. I love to keep the CROMO fork. So changing it is out of the question. Using a quill stem, well, most are diameter 22.2mm. How? Clip ons? Any suggesstions?