Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vintage Shimano road bike restoration...

During one of my 'hunting' trips up North, I stumbled upon an old road bike chuck in one corner of a bicycle shop. It was covered in dust and cob webs. Approached the owner and asked to see the bike. You was rather shocked that I would even want to part my $$ for this piece of 'junk'! The boss even persuaded me not to buy it and recommended me to other newer road bikes in his shop. Being a persistent fellow, I insisted that THIS is the bike I wanted...

The bike's in pretty, run down state (too bad I forgot to take pics before I strip it down). The previous owner has converted it into a single speedster. Handle bar was a MTB type. Seat condition is good as gone. Pedals missing.
But this is the type I'm looking for. A challenge. A chance to start fresh. Good thing is that the frame, fork and rims only need some washing and removing of surface rust with some cleaning agent.

Proceeded to my favourite 'treasure trove' and bought lots of NOS stuff...

Dia Compe brake lever set

MKS track pedals

Pizo stem, Made in Italy

Shimano front hub

Shimano front derailleur

Alps International Ltd, Japan drop handle

Finally, after weeks of restoring it, decided to take it out for a spin before parting ways as I've sold it to a collector and he's coming to collect it.....

List of things that I've added/changed not shown in the pictures:-
1) NOS Shimano brake cables, thick ones.
2) NOS Made in Japan chain ring
3) New chain
4) New rear tyre
5) NOS Shimano pedals
6) Brooks B18 Messenger saddle ( the only plastic Brooks I've known! )
7) OGK grip tape
8) NOS Shimano front/rear derailleur shifter.


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