Sunday, August 15, 2010

'Safe' brand double revolving bell

On a recent trip up North, I made a stop over in a small town for a quick bite. Then I noticecd a small bicycle shop in the vicinity. As always, no bicycle shop will go 'un-searched'. I decided to finish my teh-tarik and head straight to the shop before the sun sets. The shop was manned by an old man. He was resting on his rattan chair, smoking his 'gula-garam'. "Pak! I greeted him. As my spoken Malayu is half-shit standard, I deicded to use whatever vocab I can muster to ask him some questions. Fortunately, there was an old Flying Pigeon lying around and I pointed to him the old rusted ding-dong bell, signalling to him that I'm looking for something like that. Guess my sincererity have managed to rub off him and he went into his shop and took out a dust covered bell. I gave it a squeeze and the sound that resonates is very sharp. This is a mark of a good bell. Further rubbing and some cleaning reveals the logo. It's a 'Safe' brand, made in England. The main body is made of cast ron. Heavy and durable. The twin bells are made of steel but they are thick as compared the the China made ones. No wonder it sounded so different.

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