Monday, August 2, 2010

A vintage, colonial times cyclist hat!

Finally, after months of scouting around and interviewing those old trishaw folks resting along Waterloo Street, I manged to track down one of their comrades who still wears a vintage, colonial times cyclist hat.
As I can recall, I remembered when I was a little kid, I always see this gentleman who comes by my house selling bottled soya sauce. Yes. Door to door service. Back then, plastic bottles are still in the infancy. So, alot of recycling works back then, I should say so. My mum would wash the empty beer bottles and used it to contain dark/light soya sauce. So, when the 'soya sauce man' comes round, we'll just bring our empty bottles to him for refill. Very environment friendly, don't you think so?
I also recalled seeing the 'Soya Sauce Man' wearing a beige colored hat, similar to the ones shown. So the suddenly recollection jolted me to seek out one of this hat for that nostalgic feel...
This type of hat used to worn by colonial times British government officials. They would wear their white uniforms, complete with knee length socks and white bermudas. There are actually several versions of this type of hat. Some have a longer and broader back portion, which is like the ones used by hunters on the African plains. There are also french versions. Infact, I'm comtemplating of getting a Vietnamese version too. :P

The material of this hat is rather unique. It's made of cock, which makes it light and yet absorbent. I remembered reading about it on the internet that BITDs, the wearer will soak it in water and wears it. It'll keep the head cool as also acts as an insulator from the tropical heat. I've yet to test it out on my rides, but soon. I hope. Just got to find the time as there're some many new projects up and coming. So many bikes to sell with so little time to enjoy them.

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