Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Finally, I get to own a legend of its time. A GT Karakoram. Back in the 90s, this bike with the unique tripple triangle took the MTB world by storm with this radical and yet sturdy,solid design. The design lasted till today. Although the new GTs are aluminium or alloy frames, the good old steel is still my favourite.
I bought the frame together with the stem online for SGD$200. The frame has been sun baked, thus the colour faded unevenly. I'm still trying to find the right rigid fork to complete the bike. Hopefully, fate will let me ride this legend again....

The previous owner changed the headset to a threadless one. I'm still trying to find a rigid fork, hopefully something similar and replace the headset to one meant for threaded fork.
Love the stickers that screams 'Tange"...

Managed to find a pair of NOS Diacompe centre pull brakes. FS990. Going to find another pair, which I believe to be AD990 originally used by this model. 

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