Monday, October 2, 2017

Daccordi, the true blue Italian Stallion

2 days ago, I was in for some luck. Someone actually threw away a bike at my dumpster. I took a glance at it and it's a road bike. But the 'Mrs' caught me glancing and snorted.."Don't you take it! So many bikes, no more space!" I left the place dejected...than I told myself, "If the bike is still around around after my dinner, than it's fated to be MINE! lol...
True enough, after 3 hours, the bike is still around. Guess, nowadays, people no longer are interested in vintage steel bikes....

It wasn't like this when I found it. The front wheel was taken off, maybe for storage reasons. I tried to put it through the fork but it got stuck. Checked the brakes and found the cable kind of rusty. No worries. Abit of lubricate did the trick. Next, both the tires are flat. And feels hard. Tried my luck with a hand still inflates! The rest, like the saying goes, is history....more elbow grease and lubricant to bring the bike back to life.

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