Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally, restoration work is completed!!

These are the items, which I bought from a dainty little bicycle shop in Johore Baru yesterday. Took them out and inspected it for rust and what-nots. To my surprise, the bearings rotated freely! After all these years in storage ( atleast 30 years ), the rubber block pedals spins like as if it just left the production line! That's the wonderful thing about vintage parts. They're built to last. Period.

This is a Made in China copy of the Raleigh pedals. Everythings the same except the heron is missing and in it's place, Weili. That's the brand of this pedal.

Love the look of those oversized spring! Will be reserving it for my next restoration work, if I do find another vintage bike for sale!
Vintage bicycle rack, NOS. Made in Shanghai.
Finally, after weeks of greasy fingers and frantic buying spree from Ebay, my Raleigh Sports restoration work is completed! Took her out for a spin for the 1st time. Wow! The feelings great. Runs smoothly and the SA shifter is working great!

Tried out the dynamo head lamp and it works. Phew.....

Isn't she lovely......


  1. NICE pedals! They look the goods. One word of caution: The rubber blocks are super comfortable, but if you hit them on the curb, etc, whole chunks of rubber can break off!



  2. Only the frame,fork looks right.Most of the other parts are from china made.