Friday, March 20, 2009

Recently purchsed accessories to add to my collection..

Some of these items are currently put up for sale. Do email to me for quotation. Thanks. NOS, tested working very good. Uses 2 D size battery.

Inside looks clean and free from rust, except some stains due to age.

Mounting bracket, written ' Made in Britain'

Every Ready battery operated bicycle lamp. Think early 70's?

Vintage Ever Ready bicycle lamp, battery operated. Think shld be early 60's.

Inside very clean and nice.

The cover say, 'Every Ready, Britain'

The switch is made of bakelite, a thermosetting plastic commonly used for making switches.

70's bicycle mirror

This cool looking 70's bicycle mirror is a must have for all vintage/classic bicycle collectors! The reflectors looks great and the chrome is CHROME! Bought it NOS.

Found this NOS dynamo generated front and rear lamps in an old bicycle shop in Muar.

This bugle horn is VERY loud! Good to have if you're cycling on the road because the typical 'ding-dong' bell can't be heard with drivers nowadays blasting the steroes in their sup-up cars. I used it to blast those pesky taxi drivers who's always driving way too close for comfort....

My vintage 'ring-a-ding' revolving bell. When presses, the bell will spin around giving it a 'ring-a-ding-ding-ding....' sound. ...


  1. Nice pictures; the black ever ready front lamp pictured.. how do you fit a battery to this? looks a little minimalist or maybe missing parts judging by the internal photo.

  2. Sori for the late reply mate! :P
    Nothing's missing. It's uses a kinda of werid type of battery which not longer in production. But I think with some tinkering, can easily convert it to run on normal batteries.

  3. @ GLX Boss. Black lamp is for sale. You residing in Singapore?