Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My latest 'catch'!

Today I happened to be rather free, so I decided to drive to JB to do some 'shopping'. Drove around and spotted a dainty old bicycle shop tucked in a corner of a role of shop houses. Went in and chatted with the boss, who happened to be chasing flies ( no biz ). Spoke to him about classic bicycles and I also enquire about whether he's keeping some old bikes in his shop. According to him, there's been a recent surge in demands for vintage/classic bicycles of late. As such, much of his 'old' stocks are nearly gone. Damn! I'm too late! But after much 'interagation, he relented and said he might have one or two NOS accesories somewhere in the store.
To cut the story short, I snapped up whatever he has to offer.
1) Made in China solid rubber pedals with similar designs as Raleigh (there's a pointed hook at the end )
2) Vintage hand pump
3) Vintage 1950s bicycle rack.
4) Solid spring seat, taken out from a Hercules. The previous owner wanted to change it into a cushion covered seat.
All NOS ( New-Old-Stock ) except the seat.
I drove away a happy man....

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