Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vintage saddle, heavily sprung

This is a vintage, heavily sprung saddle meant for cushioning hard asses from rough roads and pot holes! Yup, tested this saddle and in my personal opinion, it gives the best cushioning our ass can take! haha...Over humps, the springs works it's magic. It absorbs all the shock and transforme the shock wave into a 'horse-riding' motion. I call it 'horse-riding' motion because you really feel like riding a galloping'll bounce and that's good.

Look at the solid spring construction!

Over the years, rust have started to set in. But not much pitting that will damage the spring. Just surface rust.

The mighty twin shock absorber! What's missing is the name plate. I think it belongs to a Hercules bicycle.

Check out this vintage saddle. It's on I hope this saddle can benefit some vintage 'hard-ass'....

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