Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adding stuff to my Raleigh..

Got this pre-independence bicycle registration plate from an old man. Back before Singapore's independence from the British rulers, all bicycles are required to be registered. The words MCS means Municipal Council of Singapore. The plate is not painted red but is actually enamelled. That's why the top and bottom part of the plate cracked and broke off when the previous owner over tightened it.

Added a leather tool carrying pouch to pack in my tools for the long ride..


  1. Very cool and eclectic mix of accessories. I like the Colonial license! Good stuff.

  2. thanks! :P Yup, got to make it personal. The colonial license plate is a real good find. Very hard to get one nowadays.Even the normal painted ones cost around SGD$100/pc. A true collector stuff. Love the enamel part..