Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sturmey archer AB hub

This is my 1st set of Sturmey Archer, AB hub with brakes. It was marked 54 3. I guess it means 'Made in 1954, March'. Bitten by the 'Flying Pigeon bug', I immediately set off to searched for the now elusive Sturmey Archer hub. Went to several old bicycle shops to ask around and
1) either the owners are not willing to search for it
2) or they just don't see to point in helping this poor fellow (me) realise his dream..
I eventually went to one very old bicycle shop and chatted with the old man. He was scratching his head as to what I was trying to tell him ( in Singapore, many senior citizens can't speak English. Even if so, I think my explanation wasn't clear). Anyway, as I was talking to him, I noticed a weird looking piece of gear on the floor, tucked in a dark corner. I took it out and 'Lo-and-behold!' A Sturmey Archer!!

Told the old man that this is what I have been searching for and he now understands. As the conversation grew, he started to show me more pieces of accessories related to the gear hub, eg. pulley, cables,etc.. I was smiling from ear to ear and after that paid up for all the parts and requested that he carry on searching for more of these gear hubs and keep it for me. The old man agreed and we parted. Upon reaching home, I immediately set up my work bench and started to strip down the gear hub.
Let me remind you that I've never handled one before, let alone strip it down. But being mechanically inclined, I proceeded with the 'operation'.
This is the part of the planetry gear system. All this years, the parts are still in good condition, except for a chipped gear tooth. Other than that, everything seems ok to me.

I was cautious enough to lay the parts in accordance to the sequence of 'disassembling'.

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