Saturday, January 17, 2009

Koba Side stand

Like I always said, the 'Flying Pigeon' blog is my source of inspiration. I have been following it without fail. The author is good at details and as such, I have gained a new insight into collecting and hopefully one day, built my complete antique/retro/classic bicycle. It might not be a 'Flying Pigeon' brand but as long as the parts a 'antique', that's fine with me.

Got this 'Koba' brand from a local bicycle dealer. Told me it's made in Japan. Cost me quite a sum, comparing to the other makes of side stands available in the market. But I loved it. Not because it's Japanese but the make is very solid. The chrome. The weight. Real 'old-skool' stuff. soild and heavy as hell...keke..
As for the make, I really have no idea. I've tried searching on the internet but whenever I type 'Koba', someone's name will appear...please do show me the 'path' if you happen to read my blog. Thanks.


  1. Awesome Koba! Looking forward to seeing more great bikes and arts from Sing!


  2. Thanks JS! It's you who got me all inspired to start looking at these 'old' bikes from a different angle and appreciating them.