Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vintage cargo tricycle

These tricycles used to be a common sight on Singapore's road but I guessed their days are more or less numbered. These are very hardy work horses, mind you. I think the main problem contributing to their dwindling population and popularity is :-
1) the front tyres are pretty hard to get nowadays.
2) it's heavy.
3) parking it and cycling on the road can be hazardous as it actually occupys nearly 1/2 a lane.
4) no young riders /takers.

But then, you can customize these rides to carry eg. ice-cream, fried kway teow (hawker fare on the go), garang guni...practically anything you can think of, even as a people mover.
There are newer version, costing around SGD$140. Made in China. Filmsy and not made to last. Smaller but comes with gears? That I have to explore and take some pics to confirm.

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  1. Hi
    Is it illegal to pedal a tricycle on the road or pavements?