Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Japanese 26 inch spotted!!

I was shopping at Giant Plentong and lo~and~behold! A vintage Nitto Japanese make 26 inch is up for sale! And of all places, Cash Converter. Yes. Cash Converter. I'd never thought of it either but well, I immediately home in for a closer inspection. In my sputtering Baharsa Melayu, I chatted with the sales guy. Told me this is a real antique. Correct me if I'm wrong. The bike lookd kind of modern. The decals have Chinese words and not a single Japanese writing and I was told it's a Japanese bike, brand name 'Nitto'.
However, I do love the accessories. The front carrier looks good. So does the big bell. The leather saddle looks well seasoned but no brand. The sales guy keep saying the rear carrier is good and can 'tonpang' another person. Whatever.
Given that the selling price is RM$699 and the day's exchange rate is SGD$244.00, I reckon that I will dump in SGD$286 for this bike.

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  1. Wow, maybe this is a Japanese postal bike! Which brand?