Friday, April 9, 2010

Latest purchase, a vintage Brooks saddle!

Another weekend, another trip up North for 'treasure hunting'! And what a find! As I was visiting the night bazzar, there was a stall tucked in one corner of the lane selling all sort of stuff from old electrical fan to worn and sometimes torn jeans. Just as I was going through the items laid out on the floor, I noticed an old bicycle parked behind the stall.
On close inspection , it's an old Raleigh Sports. What caught my eye was the worn and seasoned saddle. It's a Brooks. YES!! Bingo! Told myself that I just have to secure this bike. Asked the boss whose bicycle it belongs to and I guessed Lady Luck was on my side. HE is the owner!

Asked the boss whether he'll part with me the saddle and his answer is a straight 'Tak Boleh' ( Malay for No ). But I was persistent. Years of polished hard selling tactic finally paid off. Not only I walked away with saddle but also the bike! Yes. Both for the price of ONE! Paid up immediately and left the place a H.A.P.P.Y freak...kekeke. More pics on the Raleigh Sports and it's eventual restoration and transformation...

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