Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Raleigh Sports awaiting restoration...Part 1

As I've mention in my previous posting regarding the Brooks saddle, this is the Raleigh Sports where it was taken off from. I've finally managed to find some spare time to dismantle the entire bike, clean up the parts and have a closer inspection.

You can see from the picture above. The cranks is in good condition with little pitting to the chrome. The pedals are original Raleigh with the logo on the rubber pads. There's also the Raleigh mark stamped onto the crank arms.

Aftern much scrubbing and cleaning, the grease and 'what-nots' finally came off revealing this...

After so long, the details are still visible as compared to my 1st Raleigh Sports. This one has been well taken care off by the previous owner.

Nice, clean caps and colour is still visible on the head badge.

Now that 's all cleaned up, I'm still considering whether to transform it into a fixie, a track bike concept or simply restore it to former glory..... ("P)

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