Monday, January 18, 2010

Grifter-ing around the island....

It's been awhile since I brought my Grifter out for a spin. The picture above, showing a block of flats in the background, is where I once lived in. It's a great feeling to be able to revisit my old 'home town'.
At the background is the famous iconic Merlion. Read in the papers recently that some places in China and Japan even have a replica of it to showcase and represent Singapore. Some might wonder, "What is a Merlion?". Well, as you can see, the head is that of a lion and the body that of a fish. Inshort, our tiny island state used to be a fishing village long time ago. As for the lion, legend has it that the original founder of Singapore (Temasek), Prince Sang Nila Utama, encountered a heavy storm in the sea and after throwing away his crown, the sea calmed and all sailors were saved. The ship then drifted to a tiny island (Singapore) and the first thing he saw when he sat foot on the island is a lion. That's a good sign and thus he decided to occupy the island and establish his own kingdom....

This is an infamous bridge. Infamous? Yes. During WWII, Japanese soldiers will cut off the heads of prisoners and display them on this bridge.

What a big 'durian'!! Yes, China has it's 'Bird Nest', Singapore has it's own 'Durian'. It's actually the Esplanade.

Again, we're at it, trying to copy and out do others. In the background, it's the Singapore Flyer. It's a large obsevertory. Well, I guessed, it's just another big ferries wheel.

This is a war memorial to commemorate the dead civilians during the Japanese Occupation.

The 'Biggest Durian' in Singapore!

In the back ground is the Singapore Art Museum.


  1. Hello!

    For the past 23 years that I've owned my Grifter, I have never seen another one, other than my own of course, in Singapore. So I thought I was the only proud owner of a Grifter until I read your post. The one I own was bought brand new from Yaohan at PlazaSing way back in 1987!

    I'm still riding my Grifter this very day around my estate to do errands and fetching my boy around. FYI, this Grifter-of-a-bike is such a tank that two weeks ago, I (weighing 65kg) did 20km non-stop with my boy (weighing 22kg) on it for a joyride. Believe it or not!

    I'm really surprised to read your blog and you will surely be surprised too to read my comments.

    Cheers to you!


  2. Hi Singrifter! Care to post pics of it? I would really like to see another Grifter on Singapore road. Yes, the bike weighs a tonne when compared to current standards. But that's what's it so endearing. The quality built, the toughness and the type of quality steel used BITDs...maybe one day, we can meet up and take a pic together. Atleast now I know there's another one surviving... :P