Friday, January 1, 2010

Found another spinning brass bell!

Over the weekend, my work brought me to Jambi. It was meant to be a short assignment. I never expected to see much from this place which I've been to several times. But a strange hunch told me that this trip will be different.
Since the day I got the "Dog Brand" brass spinning bell from a fellow collector, I've been 'finger-happy'. I'd spin it whenever I get the opportunity to do it. Just love the sound it produces.

Back to my trip to Jambi. After my usual assignment, I decided to ask the locals where I can find some old bicycle shops. Dewi, my local guide, told that there is situated in the outskirts. The shop's been around for ages. I told myself, well, since I'm already here and still have a few days to R&R, why not give it a try. Boy was I in luck. I was fortunate to have taken a picture of the previous 'Dog Brand' spinning bell and decided to show it to the shop owner.
As the story goes, the rest is history.....

My newly accquired, polished brass spinning bell. This one's a "Tiger Brand". The sound is very diferrent from my "Dog Brand". This ones sharper and the ringing can go on for 12 seconds with each spin. To hear the bell in action, click this link...

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  1. Nice "Doggie!"

    Great find!