Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spinning brass bell, Dog Brand

Spinning brass bell, originally uploaded by the_meadows21.

Got this spinning brass bell from a new acquaintance. He knew I was searching high and low for this bell and decided to let me have it for a reasonable sum as a token of friendship. The brand of this bell is "Dog Brand". Yes. That's right. Dog Brand. It even got an embossed face of a Bulldog.
This bell has 2 striker. Spin it using your fingers and it gives off a very nice "ring-a-ting-ting-ting" resonance. Will I ever sell it? NEVER. Not now. Not in the future. Money can never get you one of these.


  1. hi, it is funny in life. I was talking to my wife sometime back on how I miss the old bicycle bells and the nice ring it gives. There is nothing like that now being made. Then last week, she surprised me with a double ringer bell... I was very touched and of course started to play with it at the restaurant, much to the amusement of the staff... but if didnt matter. Yes, u shouldnt sell it. This is a feeling that will never be captured again.

  2. please do post some pics of your double spinning bell! :p Would really luv to see another one in existence. Cheers and thanks for popping by.