Monday, December 14, 2009

Latest accessory...spinning brass bell!

Recently I met a fellow collector and from our conversation, I mentioned that I've been searching high and low for a very sort after 'spinning' brass bell. I told him that I once saw it on someone's website and after which, I've lost the links to the webpage.
To my delight and surprise, he told me he actually had a few. A FEW?! My heart was pounding and suddenly, I find myself feeling like a kid once more. Jumping for joy...of course not infront of him but literally.
So, I decide to fix a date and met up with him. He is indeed a collector of bikes! Vintage bicycles. Lots of them too. Rudge. BSA. Para bikes. Raleigh....even the Lucas Silver King, he had a show case lined up side by side! I was having difficulty containing my drool....

Then he took out a wooden case and 'Wah-lah!!' My spinning brass bell! He had 5 of them, all in used condition. What the heck , right? So I told him straight in the face. Are they for sale or do I have to 'steal' them right under his nose? haha....he got the hint at my desperation to have one and decided to sell it to me as a token of friendship. Got it for SGD$150. Expensive? To me, it's not the price. It's the rarity. As I did not have enough cash with me at the moment, I only bought this 'Dog Brand' brass bell. Really, the logo on it says "Dog Brand" and there is a picture of an embossed Bulldog.

Once back home, dismantled it for some close inspection to see how it actualy works. Then lub it and give it some light polishing. Love to see the antiquated look and not too overly polished.

Spinning it with my fingers and it gives off a wonderful 'Ring-A-Ting-Ting' resonance. Told him I'm going to get his Lucas King of the Road spinning bell, thumb activated on my next visit...


  1. Tommy-

    You sure do know how to find some good stuff! I like the front rack on your bike as well.

    Got your message about the brass bell. I am sure I can find a few at Panjiayuan. Why not put together a wish list of things you are looking for and things you'd care to trade and maybe we can do a swap.

    There are other accessories at Panjiayuan which I have not posted about yet. You might be interested so I will take some pics this weekend.



  2. JS,
    Thanks for the offer. I'll start looking for the said items and at the same time check out the freight charges to Beijing. Will you be using DHL/FedEx? Over in Singapore, I think SingPost is cheaper. Let me know the charges from BJ to SG, ok? Thanks again.