Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a Sprint R Skate scooter!! Part 1

It's a 2 Wheeler!
Ok, it's been a while since I last updated my blog. Busy with work, life, kids....blah...BUT, ever since my son has been pestering me to buy him a skate-scooter, I told myself, "Got to find him one so as to stop all this whining."
Went online and was trawling the web looking from some cheap deals when I stumbled onto this 2 wheeler. The owner actually posted it on a 'free post' website for some time and no takers. The pictures wasn't very clear but I did managed to gather some information regarding it and there's even a commercial, posted on Youtube.
At first glance, the scooter looks good. Solid construction. To power it, all you need to do is ride it like a skateboard with rocking motion. Looks fast on the ground too. That's what I SAW on the video post.
I was WRONG!
The previous owner only rode it a few times and then left it to the elements. Condition wasn't too bad. Not much rust. Just needs some lubrications to the moving parts.
Brought it to the parks to test ride it, thinking I would be travelling like, "wind in my hair".
Turns out, I was sweating all the way to my undergarments! The scooter is heavy for a start. It doesn't glide very far and I have to constantly move it up and down to keep it rolling. ...disappointed, yes but I promised myself, being an ENGINEER. I must do something. That's what Engineers do, right? Not right so must make it RIGHT. Stay tune for my updates on what I intend to do to the scooter.....

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  1. Did you ever end up modifying this scooter?

    I recently bought a used one and was also surprised at how inefficient it is. I'm brainstorming ideas for converting it to electric drive, but I'm curious if you ever came up with a solution to improve the original drivetrain.