Monday, May 17, 2010

New upgrades for my Cruiser...Part 1

It's been awhile since I last touched my Cruiser. Just couldn't find the time to spare. But last few weeks was different. Everything at work slowed to a 'breathable' pace. Finally get to get my hands dirty again. If you have been reading my blog, I've always dreamed of owning a Phantom. Since I laid my eyes on those curves, it just gets to you. I have custom build/assembled one look-alike but there's still something missing. Yes. The tank. The 'TANK' that set it's self apart from all bikes in the world. I tried getting one from Ebay but the price is just too high.
In Singapore, it's very rare to see one on the road. Maybe there are, but in some collector's possession, perhaps.

So, since I couldn't get one from the States, might as well custom make one in my backyard.

The tank is still in it's raw, unfinished form. Still alot of work needed to smooth out the surface. BTW, it's made of fibre glass.

While the tank is under going hardening process, I got myself a bicycle rack. Like the one I did for my Raleigh, I decided to do the same for my Cruiser. So I shifted the dynamo lamp to the front. Looks better but have to be careful when moving the bike about or turning in tight corners. The lamp tends to be in the way. I nearly broke the glass! Got to think of a solution to protect it and still looks nice on the rack. Any suggestions?


  1. Weld a small 45 degrees bracket for the headlight.Afetr weld,jus spray some black paint will do.

  2. But your carrier seems too long for cruiser front,saw off half of it,look better.Syed alwi bicycle shop got Chrome metal chain cover and big 1/2 moon handle bar.its will look better with them on your ride.

  3. Hi CcubeRiders,
    Thanks for the suggestions. Will look into it.