Saturday, September 19, 2009

Accessorizing my cruiser....

Ever since bringing my cruiser out for ride around the neighbourhood, I just can't seem to pin point what's missing. Did I left out anything? What more does this bike need to complete the 'look'? Well, that 'missing part' appeared when I was cycling after a light drizzle. Mudguards. Yes those humble, weight additions are what I need to stay clean and dry!

Imagine hitting a puddle and next moment, you find your face and back sprinkled with those 'who-knows-what-blackish' water!
Immediately went to my favourite LBS and ask the friendly boss whether he had any NOS mudguards lying around. At first he wanted me to take a pair of aluminium mudguards but I declined. It's just too 'modern' for this bike. Then, as usual, I requested his permission to 'search' his shop. He gladly agreed as I'm his regular customer for the past 10 years. Searching through his pile of spare parts, 'junk' and stacks of bicycles, I managed to see a pair of dust covered chrome mud guards smiling at me!

Pulling it free from the pile of 'junk' lying on top of it, I was facinated to discover that there wasn't any rust on it. Just dirt and cobwebs. It even comes complete with the over-sized rear reflector. Good.

This bike is one fine ride. Turns heads at traffic junctions maybe because people have been accustomed to seeing roadies (aka racers) and MTBs but a cruiser? I intend to add a Lucas bell and currently searching for a nice chain guard to complement the cruiser look. Actually, I'm not building a cruiser. I'm more interested in the Covette look. Vintage, up-right riding posture.

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