Saturday, February 29, 2020

Redline RL240 owned!

Ever since I last sold off my Haro Master , I haven't been into BMX for some reasons. Maybe because I'm busy shifting house and work all at the same time or simply can't find the time to go back to My passion. I've sold many BMX parts during this time, thiNking that I won't be touching another BMX.
But than, one fine day while scootering around the neighbourhood with my kid, I noticed a BMX tucked between some old, abandoned bicycles. For the next few weeks, whenever I drive pass the place, I will take a peek, hoping to see the bike ....Maybe moved to another bicycle lot or at least changed position. This means someone is actually riding it. My curiosity got the  better of me and I decided I have to go and check out this BMX. 
On closer inspection, it's a Redline! A RL 240. Can you imagine the exuberating feeling I got when it's all original, right down to the pedals! 
Wasting no time, I quickly wrote a Note and stick it to the bike, hoping the owner will contact me and willing to sell it to me. 
Weeks has passed and no one called. Then one afternoon, a private number appeared on my phone. I answered it. "Hello." "You want to buy my BMX ah?" The rest, like they say, is history...
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